Sunday, September 28, 2008

Leatherman Pocket Knives

Leatherman Tool Group, based out of Oregon, not only makes multitools but pocket knives and hunting knives as well. I already own a keychain Leatherman, the Micra in red, but I'm considering getting myself a knife too. I love gadgets such as tools, knives, keychains, anything with useful, well thought out features.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The many cool Leatherman Squirt models available today.

The Leatherman Squirt is a tough, but tiny, pocket tool. It’s not a pocket knife. It’s not a tool like a hammer or screwdriver. It is a small multi-tool. When it is folded closed, it is perfect for your pocket, keychain, drawer, briefcase, purse, glove compartment, backpack, and toolbox.

The Leatherman Squirt consists of three distinct models: E4, P4 and S4. It’s easy to tell them apart. Basically, E is for Electrician, P is for Pliers, and S is for Scissors. Features included in each model are listed below:

E4 features:1. Wire Strippers (5 total: range from 20GA to 12GA) 2. Electric Wire Cutters 3. Spring-Action Needlenose Pliers 4. Extra Small Screwdriver 5. Small Screwdriver 6. Phillips Screwdriver 7. Straight Knife 8. Wood/Metal File 9. Tweezers 10. Bottle Opener 11. Key Ring Attachment

P4 features:1. Needlenose Pliers 2. Straight Knife 3. Wire Cutters 4. Extra Small Screwdriver 5. Medium Screwdriver 6. Small Flat Phillips Screwdriver 7. Single-Cut File 8. Cross-Cut File 9. Opener 10. Lanyard Attachment 11. Awl

S4 features:1. Scissors 2. Straight Knife 3. Tweezers 4. Extra Small Screwdriver 5. Medium Screwdriver 6. Small Flat Phillips Screwdriver 7. Nail File/Cleaner 8. Opener 9. Lanyard Attachment 10. Ruler

The Leatherman Squirt E4 is new for 2007 and appeals to handymen and hobbyists that need to occasionally strip wires. With 5 different wire gauge sizes that can be stripped and a built-in wire cutter, you’re covered for most quick jobs that come up when you’re tinkering around in your garage or at work. One person that saw the new E4 said he would use this tool when he’s working on installing car stereos with his friends on the weekend. The bottle opener allows you to crack open some cold beverages when your puttering is done.

The P4 and S4 appeared around 2001. If you think you will use pliers more than scissors, go for the P4 model. Women will lean towards the S4 since it is equipped with scissors and a nail file and cleaner. The P4 skips the nail file and opts for a single-cut and a cross-cut file instead.
Since features of all three models vary a little, you really have to weigh which features you will use the most and then go for that model. Color may be a factor as well. All Leatherman Squirt models are available: storm gray, glacier blue and inferno red. Additionally, the P4 and S4 are also produced in powder pink.

Regardless of the model Squirt you select. You will like the feel of it in your hand. All models, whether open or closed, have nice rounded lines and make the tool very comfortable to hold. You can also access some of the implements when the multi-tool is in the folded, closed position.

Overall, the Squirt is ergonomic and handy. Tough but tiny. Sometimes you want a quick, convenient fix. That’s when the Squirt comes in and blows the competition away. A true winner in Leatherman’s line of small keychain size multi-tools. Perfect for men and women alike.


Buy Leatherman Online. Engraving is available as well for that personal touch. You can't go wrong with Leatherman Tool Group's 25 year warranty.